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Joint Support Supplement YAWARAGI
Effective supplement for maintaining joint health of your precious dogs and cats

Product characteristics

Sake yeast (containing SAM-e) and lactoferrin maintain joint health.

Ingredients and actions

The following ingredients are contained in 1 pouch of Joint Support Supplement YAWARAGI
  • Sake yeast (containing S-adenosylmethionine; SAM-e)
    Sake yeast containing SAM-e is reported to activate synthesis and regeneration of proteoglycans, a component of joint cartilage.
    Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
    Effective for osteoarthritis
  • Lactoferrin
    Lactoferrin is an iron-binding glycoprotein found in exocrine secretions such as breast milk, tears, and sweat.
    Anti-inflammatory effects that reduces symptoms of chronic arthritis
    Analgesic effects

Dosage and administration

Sprinkle the powder over pet food.
Body weight
Daily feeding amount
per 5 kg
Half a pouch
per 10 kg
1 pouch
Daily feeding amount per 5 kg:Half a pouch
per 10 kg:1 pouch


30 pouches (for 30 days, for dogs/cats with body weight up to 10 kg); 1,000mg per pouch.
Ingredients Sake yeast , Defatted soybeans , Dextrin , Bonito extract , Hardened rapeseed oil , Katsuobushi extract/Lactoferrin (milk-derived) , Pectin , Tricalcium phosphate , Magnesium chloride , Glycerin fatty acid ester , Guar gum