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Corporate Philosophy

Meni-One contributes to the creation of the environment where humans and animals can live together in harmony by providing animal health and comfortable vision.

Management vision

We aim to be superior in safety, efficacy, and quality by providing products and services in which science is applied for animal health.
We aim to foster highly-valued human resources for ever-changing management.
We aim to become a small but strong company with a presence, in which our people can have a sense of achievement.

Brand Logo

Origin of the corporate name

Inheriting the corporate slogan of the group company, MENICON Co. Ltd., “Broadly contribute to society through providing better vision,” Meni-One was established with this name in May 2003, aiming to become the unique No.1 company in the field of animal ophthalmology.

Logo type

The circle in the center describes “animal’s life,” and the upper line surrounding the circle describes “human’s hand,” and the lower line surrounding the circle describes “animal’s hand.” This is an image symbolizing that Meni-One cherishes and protects harmonious coexistence of humans and animals as well as precious animal lives. We set “techno-green” as our primary color, representing our advanced technology dedicated and committed to gentleness and safety for eyes.