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Meni-one was established in 2003 as a spin-off from Menicon's veterinary ophthalmology department with the aim of providing health care for pets, our precious family members, as a manufacturer and distributor of IOLs for dogs and contact lenses for dogs and cats.
Since its establishment, Meni-one has focused on ophthalmology and various other healthcare areas to meet increasing demands of more and more sophisticated veterinary health care, and worked to develop veterinary health care overseas, particularly in the Asian market, by utilizing our technologies and connections developed in Japan.

In May 2023, Meni-one will celebrate its 20th anniversary.
As a member of the Menicon group, we will continue to provide services in a wider range of areas, not only for visual satisfaction, but also for enjoyment and joy of life through the five senses. We will also continue to develop products that meet the needs of veterinarians and pet owners and contribute to the development of veterinary health care.
We are committed to creating an environment where humans and animals coexist more closely and contribute to society as a global company that is friendly to people, animals, and environments.
Thank you very much for your continued support.